Just to let you know the lucky winner of the Free class Editing Essentials:Splitting and Aligning Designs was Gerleane Asbury. She has been notified. Gerleane is one of my local Students. Craftsy actually collect the entries and pick the winner and then just inform me of who won! Just so you do not think it is fixed! Sorry to you who didn't win! Hugs Penny

Great News!
To celebrate my Craftsy Launch I am reducing the price on my Book from $99 to $49!

So if you enjoy the class you can also get the book at a reduced price!

Today (May 4th) is Launch day for my Craftsy class Editing Essentials:Splitting and Aligning Designs
To celebrate, if you are interested, here is a link to the class at the $20 off regular class rate.

Thanks for all of your support

Hi Guys, I know many of you have asked me for videos over the years. Well I am now very proud to say I am now a Craftsy Instructor! My class will launch next week. To celebrate this I am having a pre-launch giveaway. Just follow the link to enter before May 5th! One lucky entrant will get the class for free! How cool is that!
I am very excited that this is all coming together.
Here is the link

Penny Muncaster-Jewell is an international author, teacher and fiber artist. She specializes in teaching PE-Design/Palette, a digitizing software program for creating embroidery designs for computerized embroidery machines,  with a reader/writer USB box that is attached to your computer.
She was one of the first instructors to be certified through Brother Corporation in PE Design/Palette, and since 1997 she’s been designing digitized patterns both for herself and on commission for other people. She has shared her knowledge with thousand of students all over the US as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. Always with her wicked sense of humor! Her humor allows the students to relax and enjoy the learning process as well as being entertaining.

Her books, Penny's Practical Guide to PE-Design/Pallete and Décor Wizard and Penny's Practical guide to Advanced Projects have been well received. Penny's Practical Guide to Working Smarter NOT Harder- for PE-Design Next and Palette Version 9 is almost done! The new book shares her wealth of information about the design software which she has used since 1996 when it was first introduced and covers the latest features and capabilities of the latest version of the software.  She is currently working on the free addendum for the book that covers the New Version 10 features and changes.

Penny Muncaster-Jewell also belongs to several wearable art groups (her other passion!) She is the leader of the American Sewing Guild Neighborhood group Adventures in Wearables in the Clear lake area.

The Sky is not the limit, nor are the stars. It’s your imagination!