Book price reduced from $99 to $49!

PE-Design and Palette 10 will be available soon. The Addendum for the book that covers the new features and any changes in Version 10.
To get a link to the PDF File send me an email requesting it and I will send you the link!
(My email is in the book! or you can go to Contact US page and submit a request there)

Exciting news
Due to many queries/requests as to whether the book would help people with version 8.
The short answer is yes!
(Obviously new features are not available!)
To aid those folks on the CD is a mapping from the Version 9 to Version 8 commands so that you can find them more easily!


Folks have been asking for a new book for ages, as the new interface has really blown them away. So once more into the breach I go.
The book is for Pe-Design Next or Palette Ver9. They use the new ribbon technology. The focus of the book is to Work Smarter NOT Harder! It covers a lot from
  • how to install (trust me that is a real issue for a lot of people!),
  • customize your computer and the software to work with you rather than against you!
  • How to use the tools
  • Why things go wrong and how to fix them
  • More complex things, such as splitting and alignment, appliques, cutwork, and working with images.
  • Lots of clear step by step instructions with illustrations
  • Full color 470 pages
  • Otabind so that it lies flat
  • CD of sample designs .
There are great tips on how to get the best out of the software without having to work forever!

I hope this gives you enough information
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