Samples and Ideas

It's an Angelina Kind of Day Jacket

This is a garment I made with blended Angelina sheets. I used approx 6 1/2 ounce packets of Angelina in Gold Iris Mix, Calypso Blue, Mint Sparkle, Dessert Sunset, Opal Sparkle and Crystal Amethyst. This made enough sheets to create the jacket pieces, some samples to play with and the edge of the purse.

I attached the Angelina sheets to the antique gold sparkle organza using a design of bamboos that I digitized. This was a design from the Golden Threads Continuous line pattern (Julie Mullen’s Bamboo design.) I had permission from them to digitize this for my use. A large version was used on the top and pants, and I did a smaller version to use on the collar, cuffs, and purse.

I also used the pecan silk dupioni for the pants, top and purse.


Peacock Shawl and Purse

I have always loved peacock feathers and was excited to use them in this beautiful shawl and purse creation.

The project was inspired by a purse I saw at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London back in the early seventies. I digitized my own feather, and used the Angelina to create the peacock eye! I used Onyx Flash, Rose Gold flash and Emerald Flash (all non-heat bondable). I rolled small balls of each of the Angelina colors, placed one on top of the other, covered them with water soluble and stitched the feather design. This shawl and purse are available as kits.

Ulycees Blue Jacket and Purse

I also used the Angelina to create the sheen found in butterfly wings in this shirt and matching purse.

These designs are available in kit form (both large and small) from Design by Dawn which include the Turquoise Flash Angelina and the Swarovski crystals.

The Sky is not the limit, nor are the stars. It’s your imagination!