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Work Smarter not Harder

Work Smarter not Harder

The book is for PE-Design Next or Palette Ver9. They use the new ribbon technology. The focus of the book is to Work Smarter NOT Harder! It covers a lot from
  • how to install (trust me that is a real issue for a lot of people!),
  • customize your computer and the software to work with you rather than against you!
  • How to use the tools
  • Why things go wrong and how to fix them
  • More complex things, such as splitting and alignment, appliques, cutwork, and working with images.
  • Lots of clear step by step instructions with illustrations
  • Full color, approx 470 pages
  • Otabind so that it lies flat
  • CD of sample designs .
There are great tips on how to get the best out of the software without having to work forever!

Please Note: If you are not in the continental US please contact me to determine whether I can ship to you or not!

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