How Does Your Garden Grow?
Penny Muncaster-Jewell

This knitted shawl is embellished with 3-D embroidered flowers, which were created separately, cut out and then reassembled and beaded and sequined together. The yarn for the shawl is a confetti type yarn. I hadn’t knitted in 30 years so I was very pleased with the results. The shawl is a basic triangle shaped shawl. What was amazing was that I remembered I had this perfect lime green silk dress that would match it. Even more amazing was that actually was able to locate it, because I had purchased the dress about 3 years ago, and it still had the tags on!

The idea for this came from a shawl that one of my embroidery buddies (Evy Hawkins) had made. I used her flower designs for this shawl. If interested you can see them at This would make a great shawl for a prom, or just going to dinner.

The flowers were made using Logantex's hombred polyester organza. This went from blue to green, perfect colors for the flowers.

This is for sale $175

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