Bahama Breeze
Penny Muncaster-Jewell

I love to use the Setacolr paints to create original fabric for garments. This garment started out life as a piece of white silk organza. Several layers of the organza were layered on top of each other. Then painted using Setacolor in shades of Turquoise, Copper Shimmer, Cobalt Blue, Electric Shimmer, and Ultramarine. What is surprising is that these are the exact same colors as used on Teal Dreams! It is hard to imagine that they are the same colors. The resulting colors reminded me of the wonderful water sof the Bahamas and the coral beaches, hence the name. The fabrics were then dried outside on the lawn or on the fence if very windy. I have some of the neatest colored fences! The resulting fabric was then taken and pieced together using the incredibly tiny French seams, as used in the Korean Pojagi wrapping clothes. I learned this seaming technique from Jack Brockette from Waco Texas, a wonderful man. The fabric was then used to create the jacket shown. I have two versions of this jacket. I always get great compliments when I wear one or the other. One used Jennifer Amor’s Pop Top Pattern, the other a modified version of Lois Ericson's Lines and Angles vest converted to a jacket. It is the perfect weight for the Houston weather. Light enough to wear but just enough to keep the freezing air conditioning off your shoulders and arms. I teach this as a weekend workshop and my students get to create approximately 11 yards of fabric so that they can then create their own garment later. They also learn how to do the French seams, without having to have too much wine.
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