Dragonflies Dancing by the Light of the Silvery Moon
Penny Muncaster-Jewell

This original, elegant dress and shawl were created from thread lace made on the embroidery machine. Approx 30,000 yards of thread were used to create the thread lace fabric and trim. I invented the technique for making the thread lace on the embroidery machine. Only after many trials and errors where the threads ran down the sink when washed, did I perfect my technique!

Many yards of threads in white, gray and variegated gray were used. I also digitized the smaller trim dragonflies and the larger beaded dragonflies. The stunning large beaded dragonfly on the back serves two purposes-it helps to ensure that the straps will not slip and provides that wonderful back detail which is so important in a gown like this.

Before the stabilizing grid was sewn on the shawl some specialty thread (Angelina) was added to give extra sparkle. The dress and shawl are incredibly soft. Once again the whole garment is constructed from water soluble thread and then at the end dunked in the washing machine with prays and glasses of wine, hoping that when it was finished there would be a dress, not just a bunch of threads!

The elegant purse was created on my embroidery machine using my original design, based loosely on a purse I purchased from Ken Smith, an Australian Fiber Artist. It incorporates a special type of stitching called mossing that was created and taught to me by Ken Smith. I replicated this tiny FME stippling in my embroidery software.

The Sky is not the limit, nor are the stars. It’s your imagination!