Flight of Fancy Jacket and Over Vest
Penny Muncaster-Jewell

I used the Over & Under Pattern from Design & Sew Patterns (Lois Ericson). This used the Hoffman challenge fabric from a couple ofyears ago. Many of the techniques were from Judy Murrah’s Jazz It Up book. The crane design is by Kim Healey and she created it from the Hoffman fabric. I used it on the outside of the Jacket and on the Collar of the vest. (The one on the back is Fancy- not sure who the others are!) The same crane (outline only) was used for the lining.

One of the challenges with this was working out how to use the rather large ginko leaf buttons that I fell in love with from RAMA butoons. A friend suggested that rather than create really large buttonholes, use a tube that would run in and out of the piping to go over the buttons. This turned out to be very effective! A bonus was that they disappear when not buttoned!

Unfortunately I can only wear this very infrequently because of the heat in Houston.

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