Ulycees Blue Jacket and Purse
By Penny Muncaster-Jewell

While on vacation in Australia I visited the Butterfly Sanctuary just outside of Cairns in North Queensland. They had these magnificent native butterflies called Ulycees Butterflies which were just my favorite shade of blue! I fell in love and ever since I have wanted to create this design. So I did.

In the meantime, I discovered this scrumptious fiber called Angelina. I used a very light layer of the turquoise Angelina, and the black silk organza muted it to the perfect color while still leaving a translucent effect I desired. I digitized the butterfly in my PE-Design software. It is basically an applique design. Using the programmable fill feature I was able to create the texture for the wings, and using the new stamp feature, I was able to create flat areas where the Swarovski® crystals were placed.

I created two different sized versions of the design, one large for the jacket back and purse, and a smaller one for the jacket front and sleeves. The result is a stunning elegant jacket. Although extra glitz was added with the crystals, I felt they were needed as without them the butterflies almost disappeared.

I used Louise Cutting’s By Popular Demand pattern for the jacket. These designs are available as kits from DesignbyDawn.

The Sky is not the limit, nor are the stars. It’s your imagination!